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Naruto World Ultimate 4.9w S2 Beta 5
2013-04-22, 4:38 AM
-I change terain litle again
-Itachi and Sasuke when they turn off Mangekyou - Tsukuiomy is turned off to
-Kakashi have katon skill in mangekyou now
-Kakashi Kamui was nerfed and Kamui Dematerialization was increased (Dmg)
-Sasuke katon is changed is other new now
-Naruto Rasenshuriken bug dmg fixed
-Pein when using Shinra tensei now he is invulnerable
-Slots Players are fixed now Aka(1 2) Taka(3 4 5) Shinobi Alliance(6 7 8 9)
-Gaara now will apear in Sand vill-And others small stuff changed.age with his bonus

Naruto World Ultimate 4.9w S2 B5 Link ->  Here <-
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31 Pein   (2013-04-29 10:38 AM)
what bug?

32 Kenny   (2013-04-29 6:34 PM)
Lee LvL 5 use  Weight,  later uses first magic, he lose Weight status.

29 EDELSTEIN   (2013-04-27 9:56 AM)
How to pick minato in beta5?  3 раза нарисовать ромб. 3 times to draw a rhombus

30 Pein   (2013-04-27 5:21 PM)
Same like in old version

28 Nagato_Pain   (2013-04-27 3:35 AM)
у меня по каким-то причинам не видно карту в варкрафте, может кто помочь?
i don't see the map in warcraft, someone can help?

27 pro100PoTsaN   (2013-04-26 2:46 PM)
пейн плиз прочитай комент мой.убири у гары токие скилы просто домага многа просто он инба!!!

33 Adaw   (2013-05-05 9:36 PM)
Гаара не особо имба

26 eternal312   (2013-04-24 3:36 PM)
please listen to me, what you do is to deliver pleasure to the people of this game please try and make a card with equal skilovete the characters as they are in the anime please do not expose Moyen and much better :)

25 Naruto_Uzumaki   (2013-04-24 7:16 AM)
i Like Kakashi Have Katon  That Was Cool

24 AllkindNecro   (2013-04-24 5:23 AM)
HA guys play more game's all day all night !! :D

23 Cross   (2013-04-23 5:59 PM)
good job i like new terrain ;D aka dont have chance to get top right base anymore, if noone play deidara...now i just wonder what you will do at Final Release '-' Wish u good luck to map

22 Neither   (2013-04-23 3:50 PM)
in B4 they have sayd you can't make naruto six paths quest pls pay attention guys

21 Neither   (2013-04-23 3:46 PM)
omg what idiots don't know how to download a map i've downloaded easy only clicking on the button download up of fixes

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