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Naruto World Ultimate 4.9w S2 B10
2013-05-19, 3:07 PM
Second Link:     ----->Download Here<----- 
Curent Changes:
-Tobi Space Migration cant bug with buffs of biju
-Tobi cant more seald Biju Items from enemy teleporting
-Tobi Kyuubi Summon Changed ability
-Now Only akatuski can revive Juubi and who will revive he can control him (if Juubi will die he will drop his Item)
-Win Condition fixed you can win even if you have 3 village  and  your ally 2 village)
-Bijuu Dammage increased and changed damage type 
-Bijuu Anger Sistem Open

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38 mistrain   (2013-05-21 4:22 PM)
О чем ты, сколько ни использовал всегда корректно работало.

37 grimgrents   (2013-05-21 2:39 AM)
for gaara add sand fly and gold sand :D

at level 100 with a character like sasuke i suggest to add styles like fire style u click on it and u find alot of katon jutsus then the raiton style  u find alot of raiton jutsus and chidori jutsus i found that kind of jutsus in other russians maps :D

or tobi pein is already going to add katon just wait  

for gaara i agree cause he cant get another bijuu if he want ichibi shield 

for neji add 128 tiagram too :D 

when tobi get mangekyou and rinnegan make him unmasked and rename him Obito (like naruto world FUN version) :D 

for kakashi if u delete the water spell add doton jutsu of the wall or dog combo or dog summon with incredible mouvement speed 

also i suggest to add a command to change the camera

for sasuke u can the arrow instead of the goryuuka no jutsu when he activate suusano first stage and black magatama with full suusano

34 Shisui_Sama   (2013-05-20 7:46 PM)
подскажите как Минато взять

32 Kenny   (2013-05-20 3:48 PM)
Good job on the Beta version 10, for the next version I suggest: 
Add a new skill for Neji: Hakke Hasangeki like the anime, 
Decrease the field of view of the magic of neji, Trow Vision, 
Rename Tobi for to Obito Uchiha, 
Add a type of Katon for Tobi like in the manga, 
For Gaara: drop more 1 item in Shukaku and he take this item to the Vilage Gods for have Ichib Shield, 
Remove Gamabunta of the Minato (Yondaime) and add a new spell, (not sure which) '-' , 
Reshape the magic of Kakashi in LvL 40 (Water Vortex) 
Delete the magic of Kakashi in LvL 60 (Dragons Feeding Frenzy) and add a new or remodel it, because it has nothing to do with anime, 
and in the Kakashi change the name this spell: of Chidori for Raikiri equal the next image: http://i.imgur.com/T1oXokY.jpg

31 MachoAmin   (2013-05-20 2:51 PM)
hey it not best went only 1 player on the field, make more than one active computer player then i say , naruto world ultimate s2 is the best map ever and ever ...

30 daniwow   (2013-05-20 2:21 PM)
Yes make gaara to go village of gods for ichibi shield and shukaku item will disappear but gaara will keep The HP and MANA from shukaku whithout item.

29 grimgrents   (2013-05-20 12:57 PM)
with flying thuner god skill u can move in all the map :D

33 j0hn   (2013-05-20 4:37 PM)
for .. 10 seconds ... u think that it`s enough ??? or is just like Yondaime did ?

28 j0hn   (2013-05-20 12:36 PM)
Pein / Nagato_here .. for the final version of 4.9SW please make new Minato .. the curent one is to weak ..
- delete the clones .. and make 5 mark ability + harashin no jutsu to teleport to them whenever u want everywhere
- throwing kunai to teleport to him and make 15xVitality damage
- and for the ultimate jutsu when he is in the flying thunder god make Teleport Rasengan :)

27 ЧМОРИТЕЛЬ   (2013-05-20 9:50 AM)
Real cool changes. If u open Tobis MS quest it will be perfect. Of course if MS quest will have Kakashis skills kamui and black howl.

26 Sasuke0904   (2013-05-20 8:50 AM)
The best naruto map

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